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Sustainable Supply Chain transformation

Altrubi is a consulting business that helps Fashion brands build more sustainable, profitable and resilient supply chains to have a positive impact on our planet.

We believe that making business supply chains more sustainable will enable our children to grow up in a fairer society in a healthier environment. This drives us to go to work each day.

Our goal is to find customers who share this belief so that we can work together to succeed. We’re looking for companies to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us in pursuit of reaching the UN sustainable development goals for 2030 and beyond.



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“Annika has led the process for transforming our buying team by bringing great industry best practices and training and upskilling the teams. Not only have we had fantastic commercial success but have identified partners that match with our business values and will be able to support our sustainability, innovation and quality agendas.”

Chris Fielden

Group Supply Chain Director, innocent drinks ltd

“As a tech and health care startup without any supply chain expertise or resources on board, we were looking for someone to guide and support us in choosing the best package delivery provider/partner that fits our company's needs and customer journey. With Altrubi, we found the best possible partner to help us. Annika's expertise and professionalism in the world of Supply Chain and Procurement have made it easy for us to find the best supplier that fits our needs and strategy. Knowing that we didn't have the right expertise on board and the importance of finding the right supplier for our business, she guided us very smoothly through the selection process. Altrubi's approach is very clear and transparent, allowing our employees to contribute in a very easy way. In a matter of a few weeks and Annika's hard work, we are now confident that we have the right partner and that our business is ready for the next chapter.”

Pieter Hertecant

CCO & CMO at Morrow

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