About Altrubi

Our vision is a world of business doing good for our planet economically, socially and environmentally with a strong sense of purpose reflected in both brand and supply chain.

Altrubi Business Story

Altrubi is a training and consulting business that helps sustainability-conscious supply chain leaders, build highly effective, influential and innovative supply chains in the fashion industry.

Altrubi was born in 2019 out of the strong desire deliver change in business through sustainable supply chain management; by harnessing 20 years of end to end supply chain experience to help improve the most polluting, damaging and wasteful industries on the planet; and in this way contribute to making the 2030 UN sustainable development goals a reality.

About the founder

My name is Annika. I am an adept arranger, a learner and very disciplined! I love change and am passionate about making the world a better place for future generations.

In 2017 I took a strength finder test. Like many automated tests, it spits out a personalised assessment of who you are. Mine said, Arranger, Learner & Discipline. It made sense because I do love arranging complex variables & factors into the most productive configuration.

I also love the challenge & journey from ignorance to competence. And, yes, I am very structured & disciplined and do like to ensure we don't get distracted along the way.

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20 years multi-industry experience
Passionate about Change for Good & Profit

Supply Chain
End-to-end Supply Chain Management

About the Global Goals

“The overarching purpose of Altrubi is to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, by helping Fashion businesses become more sustainable through best in class supply chain practises. In addition, Altrubi donates 1% of its sales turnover to "Work for Good” giving projects”.