Altrubi Business Story

Altrubi is a training and consulting business that helps sustainability-conscious supply chain leaders, build highly effective, influential and innovative supply chains in the fashion industry. Our vision is a world of business doing good for our planet economically, socially and
environmentally with a strong sense of purpose reflected in both brand and supply chain.

Altrubi was born in 2019 out of the strong desire deliver change in business through sustainable supply chain management; by harnessing 20 years of end to end supply chain experience to help improve the most polluting, damaging and wasteful industries on the planet; and in this way contribute to making the 2030 UN sustainable development goals a reality.

At Altrubi we believe sustainability is an emerging trend and will become an integral part of doing business in the 21st century. There
are plenty of reports and documentaries available in the media (e.g. The UK Environmental Audit CommitteeThe Indepedent; The BBC The Price of Fast Fashion; Greenpeace; Changing Markets Foundation: Dirty Fashion; Fashion for Good: The five goods (2017) ) highlighting negative aspects about the way we consume and how businesses pollute and harm people and planet. It is more and more difficult for business decision-makers to know how and what to change to become more sustainable without breaking your business model.

Sustainability is not just about switching existing materials to more sustainable materials. It goes deeper than that. It is about making sustainability part of your company DNA and to ensure that all your practices and business outlook is also sustainable.

We believe that meaningful change is a Vision implemented profitably and sustainably.  Supply chains need to be efficient and innovative in order to generate profit and respond to the demands of the younger generations and the needs of the planet. Along with mature supply chain practises and tools embedded in your business, we also believe that a win/win attitude towards planet and business partners will enable businesses to create synergy, innovate, adapt and switch to sustainable practises more easily. At Altrubi our role is to share, train and implement multi-industry best practises with our clients, to help them transform their supply chains into “want to work with”, highly respected, influential and effective supply chain organisations.