The Altrubi Holistic Procurement Programme

The 360o Supply Chain Transformation
For accomplished fashion brands with an ardent desire to future proof its supply chain for business in the 21st century.

Where are you now?
You are the CEO of a fashion brand. The pandemic has significantly impacted your business cashflow and you are acutely aware that change needs to happen in the supply chain, which is global, fragmented and complex. If this is the case, there’s a high chance you’re currently experiencing at least one of the following:
- Worried about how to fund future collections when revenues have been hit so hard
- Frustrated by long supply lead-times which require predictable demand, which clearly is no longer business as usual
- Frustrated that your business cannot respond to the exceptional shift towards e-commerce demand
- Difficultly to know where to bring about much needed change in the supply chain
- Struggling to prioritise sustainable business practises in current environment
- Pressure to deliver on financial results to shareholders
Business doesn’t have to be like this. Holistic Procurement is designed to turn things around.

Now consider the alternative:
We help you re-design and build supply chain resilience, generate more cash and embed sustainability into your supply chain practises. This will ensure that you consistently:
- Deliver holistic results across the P&L and balance sheet that favours cash generation
- Can genuinely promote how your brand takes care of people and the environment through its supply chain
- Create and innovate in production and digital technology
- Respond to demand shocks more effectively through a more resilient supply base

All of which ensures your business punches above it weight to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Brochure download available soon.

Why Work with us?

We perfected our skills over 20+ years delivering end-to-end supply chain solutions to a variety of brands across different Industries: Bridgestone, UNICEF and Innocent Drinks to name a few. Be it for bottom line results, security of supply, sustainability or a combination of the three. More recently we decided to specialise in the Fashion industry and apply the best of our end-to-end skills to help fix a broken supply model in a global Industry that touches each and every one of us daily.

    Change is inherent in our culture and our transformational solutions are a result of bringing people along a journey of change. We pride ourselves in unblocking situations, inciting collaboration and acting as a catalyst in problem resolution. We believe empathy is at the heart of change and place it at the core of what we do.

We place a large amount of emphasis on partnership and finding a solution that works for all. We believe that different ways of thinking add value to the discussion “If two of us are of the same opinion, then one of us is not needed”. It is only through partnership and collaboration that we can find synergy and solutions that make a difference. You know how to create great designs that inspire and bring joy. We know how to design sustainable supply chains fit for business in 21st century.